Backend End Web Developer (About Me)


My name is Jamie and I’m a Backend Web Developer working in Leeds. I have been working in the web industry for over 4 years now. I have experience in both Frontend and Backend website development.


I attended the Huddersfield University’s Barnsley campus in 2009 and in 2012 graduated with a Multimedia BSc Degree at 2:1 level. Whilst there I got the opportunity to try out various Multimedia technologies such as Visual Design, Flash authoring, 3d Modelling, Video Editing and Web Development. Since finishing 1st year I really developed a liking for Web Development and in 3rd year opted to attend the Universities Main Campus in order to swap Video Editing for Web Development, where I learned the basics of Microsoft’s MVC3 Framework, using C#.

Work Experience

I previously worked at DataDream, a small web development and design agency located in Barnsley. My main responsibilities there were developing PHP modules for an in house content management system. I also worked on bug fixes for a large website with over 500,000 users. Here I also learned a lot about Linux, LAMP and various server management tasks. I also worked with WordPress and CodeIgniter here and MongoDB. Whilst here I also was responsible for doing IT support for a small recruitment agency based in London, doing various support tasks on both Windows 7 and Mac OSX machines.
I have also worked for a Drupal and Magento specialist company called Creode. My main responsibilities involved the creation of custom PHP modules within Drupal 7. Working at Creode, I have helped build a number of different Drupal and Magento websites and took on a variety of bug fixing tasks.
I worked at a larger Web Agency called Engage Interactive, based in Leeds City Centre. My role involved bug fixing, site amendments and the creation of new features and projects for their clients.
After gaining more experience in more custom PHP projects such as CodeIgniter and Laravel, in June 2018 I left Engage and returned to Creode to further my skills in Drupal and Server configuration.

My Personality

I consider myself a positive thinker with a large focus on not just getting a job done but getting it done in the best way possible. I am highly motivated to learn which is the main reason for my decision to change jobs, as I feel I have much more to learn in various other aspects of website development.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time I enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding. I am also highly passionate about technology and love working on projects using the Raspberry Pi. Back in 2014 I built an arcade coffee table for my living room. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of the Linux operating system and try my hand at some basic electronics.
I also have a Raspberry Pi at home which I am using to host git repositories for my projects. It also hosts Wiki which I use to host documentation and thoughts that will often come in handy.

More about this site

I recently started this site with the plan on using it as a place to share my experiences with others. Currently working on a series of tutorial posts on PixiJS. I also plan to develop the site a little further with my own theme and custom modules. This will give me a great chance to learn a lot more about WordPress as I build new functionality.