Snowboarding in Val Thorens 2017 and Sam’s Injury


I have just got back from snowboarding at the lovely resort of Val Thorens. This is a great destination for both Skiiing and Snowboarding, with runs for people of all abilities.

Around this time last year I took a trip to Andorra. The resort was beautiful and  also excellent for snowboarding and skiing. So far Val Thorens is much bigger and there’s so much more going on here.

Sam’s Injury

Unfortunately the trip didn’t quite go to plan. On the first day Sam fractured a vertebrae on one of the runs. This has caused some dip in morale for the rest of us and it has been very hard to enjoy ourselves without him. It is also very sad that he has been in hospital since Monday evening. I was hoping he would beat us back to the UK but unfortunately this hasn’t been the case.

Raising money for charity

On a brighter note one of my other friends completed the Tyrolienne zip line in Val Thorens for the “Forget Me Not” Trust and managed to raise around £300. Walker is terrified of heights making a 250m high zipline very difficult. Unfortunately Sam couldn’t have been there for moral support. He was the one who initially put Walker up for it. It’s great though that Walker still went ahead with this despite Sam’s incident the day before and the fact a considerable sum of money was raised for charity is amazing. You can see the video where Walker does the zipline below:

The week unfortunately didn’t go as planned but I really wish Sam all the best in his recovery and hope that he can return to the UK very soon.

All the best,

UPDATE: Sam arrived back in the UK on Tuesday 31st January. It looks like he will be making a full recovery over the next 3 months.

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