How WP Rocket improved my page performance

In this article I discuss my experience with the popular “WP Rocket” plugin. How it improved performance and whether it is worth the $49 price tag.


During the past year and a half of working with WordPress websites I have encountered a large number of sites with performance issues. By my experience, larger WordPress sites are notoriously difficult to get good performance scores. This is down the nature of its table structures and some poorly optimised third party code. For a while we struggled to improve Page Insights speeds, that was until we discovered WP Rocket. At first I was a little skeptical, why would adding yet another plugin improve page performance.

What can you expect from the plugin?

After installing the plugin on one of our sites and only spending around 30 minutes tweaking the settings, the page insight score increased by almost 40%. WP Rocket has all the bells and whistles you’d expect: caching policies, gzip compression, cache reloading and more. The majority of which come preconfigured out of the box.

Alongside a list of basic features WP Rocket has a few extra separate services. These are a CDN and Imagify for image compression. These are directly built into the existing plugin making them extremely easy to setup.

How much is it and is it worth it?

A license for a single Website in WP Rocket costs just $49 / year for updates. In my opinion the amount of time this plugin saves, makes it worth the money.

Performance and Core Web Vitals

It’s important that performance issues are addressed as search engines nowadays are penalising websites for it. Google and other search providers are consistently changing the rules behind it and with recent changes to Core Web Vitals, performance is becoming more and more important.

To Conclude

Overall the benefit of WP Rocket is not only to improve your page speed but make it easy to do so. There are a vast array of configurable options making WP Rocket is fast to configure and greatly improves performance. WP Rocket isn’t an instant fix and a surefire way to score 100% every time but it is definitely a step in the right direction.