Great tools for Website and online Developers

At the moment, with the massive rise in open source projects there are so many great tools for developers. This post will outline the tools I use to help make my development life much easier. GOGS For git repositories, GoGits (GoGs) is a great self hosted tool. GoGits is heavily influenced by Github in both […]

Build a new site to help with my Dad’s Football sweepstake

Introduction Every so often an opportunity arises or an idea springs to mind for something new that you want to build. Even less so when you can create a website that others might find useful. Enter The Reason In April I visited my parents house on a Sunday afternoon, I noticed my Dad was […]

PixiJS – Getting Started with a Snake Game

PixiJS This is my first look into PixiJS, I am quite excited about jumping right into this. One of my favourite game frameworks relies on using PixiJS for rendering and if you haven’t already, check it out at Goals of this Tutorial For this first section of my PixiJS getting started guide I plan […]